International Latin


Michael and Anastasiia are the Top 3 Professional Open Finalists.  They currently teach at the following studio and also provide coaching for Amateur couples:

Profile  &  Results

Michael and Anastasiia 2014-08-08

Michael and Anastasiia 2015-04-05

Michael and Anastasiia 2015-05-01


Krasi is a very experienced Latin Competitor and Teacher for both Social Dancing and Competition Coaching.  He is an expert at transferring his knowledge of Latin techniques to his students and helping them “successfully execute” the techniques.  Krasi is also very good at identifying the student’s weakness and providing a “practical” fix.

>> Check out more Krasi’s Dance Videos at OC Ballroom Dancing.

Krasi currently teaches at the following studios:

Krasi & Asuka
Krasi & Yana